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A Scholar Story 2021

Hear from one of our Scholar Graduates, Charnee Anderson, on how the WEDC Foundation Scholar Program impacted her life and that of her three children. We were honored to have Charnee share her story on stage at the 2021 Women Honoring Women event, following the playing of this video. Charnee has since graduated from Athens State University and we, along with her mentor, could not be prouder! Check out the Huntsville Business Journal story about Charnee & her Mentor, Maike DeMaria, to hear more about their relationship and the WHW event. Featured in The Huntsville Business Journal When Women Help Women - WHW & A Mentor/Scholar Pair

After sharing her beautiful story on stage during Women Honoring Women, new Scholar Graduate, Charnee Anderson and her Mentor Maike DeMaria were interviewed by the Huntsville Business Journal.

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