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Professional Networking

WEDC Foundation Mentor-Scholar teams are given the opportunity to attend specially designed events and workshops. These instances are a great chance for Scholars to test the skills learned in Scholar Development as well as to meet potential employers and professionals in Scholar fields. 

Flexible Financial Assistance

What makes WEDC Foundation scholarships unique is - they aren't scholarships at all! Money awarded from out FFA program goes directly to Scholars. It's that simple! Whatever life throws at you, our goal is to help pay for some of it so you can focus on your studies.


Our most popular program!

A professional woman already working in the Scholar's chosen career path will be assigned. She will help guide you, answer questions, and possibly remain a lifelong contact.

Scholar Development

WEDC Foundation wants Scholars to succeed in school! That's why we hold regular workshops to help Scholars navigate the school year.

From tutoring to resume building, these workshops reflect what your college may already offer - except on a much smaller, personal level.

Would you like to invest in our scholars?

WEDC Foundation

The WEDC Foundation is a 501(c) 3 non-profit located in Huntsville, Alabama


Phone: (256) 652-1600

Location: 301 Washington St NW , Ste. 303 
Huntsville, AL 35801

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