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Celebrate with Fall Graduate Brianna Hawkins

Brianna joined the WEDC Foundation scholar program in Fall 2021 as she worked toward her BS in Computer Science at UAH.

Brianna Hawkins, UAH Fall '22 Graduate
Brianna Hawkins, UAH Fall '22 Graduate

In a male-dominated field and surrounded by other brilliant and talented students, Brianna struggled with being the best. She has since discovered that she does not have to compare herself to others. She is no longer afraid of messing up, because she knows that is where you learn the most.

"I cheer on others rather than compete with them. Life is so much better when viewed as a celebration rather than a competition."

Brianna finished her degree with a 4.0 GPA and was named UAH's Top Scholar, representing the Honors College at graduation. Her mentor, PeggyLee, was a great support, especially toward the end, as she helped with decision-making and business advice.

Brianna Hawkins and mentor PeggyLee Wright
Brianna and her mentor, PeggyLee Wright

Brianna will begin 2023 by pursuing her Master's in Cybersecurity, and after multiple companies fighting for her employment, Brianna is thrilled to start working full-time as an Analyst at Deloitte in Summer 2023.

"This program is unlike any other. It does not just give you financial assistance and then leave you to fend for yourself the rest of the semester. Instead, it provides support and financial assistance to help you grow and to build a support system of successful, professional women who can help you along the way. It's like nothing else."

Want to make a difference all year long?

Plan ahead and make 2023 YOU proud by supporting local collegiate women through an automatic donation every month! Set up an ongoing monthly gift by becoming a WEDC Foundation Pearl and give Pearls of Wisdom to support and empower our scholars.

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