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Meet 2022 Fall Graduate, SyAnn Hughes

As a Kinesiology student at UAH, SyAnn joined the WEDC Foundation in the Fall of 2021. Her passion is in health & wellness, especially athletes with eating disorders and mental distress. In her past, SyAnn competed as an elite gymnast but had her athletic path drastically altered when she broke both of her ankles in a gymnastics accident. It did not stop her determination to be a good role model and coach and further fueled her passion to support athletes. "I showed my team that just because you are hurt or injured you can still find joy in the gym, and with hard work, and determination you can overcome anything." We experienced SyAnn's dedication and positive energy as she participated in scholar workshops and met with her mentor. With her degree complete, she is looking for a FT position in health & wellness, planning for her wedding, and preparing to begin her Masters in Nutrition.

"The WEDC Foundation was a support system like no other. It was a group of women who want to see you crush your goals! The advice my mentor Allison gave me at our meetings will carry with me the rest of my life." - SyAnn
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