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WEDC Foundation - 2024 Spring Graduation

WEDC Foundation Spring Graduation
WEDC Foundation Spring Graduation

With much cheer (and a little sadness), we graduated eight scholars this recent Spring Semester! Scholars, Mentors, WHW Honorees, & Board Members came together to celebrate the end of the semester and our brilliant graduates at Twickenham Advisors.

Following our WEDCF graduation traditions, each graduate received a leadership book which reminds them to never stop learning. In addition, and most likely more coveted, they each received their own strand of pearls, symbolizing their strength of perseverance and the nuggets of wisdom they've gained along the way to earning their college degrees.

In addition to our eight graduates, we also highlighted two scholars who received their Associate's degrees and are continuing on with the WEDCF while they work toward their Bachelor's degrees. Scholars also received Participation Bonuses for full attendance at the Spring Workshops and Academic Bonuses for Spring semester GPAs at 3.5 or greater.

The graduation celebration was hosted by the WEDC Milestones at Twickenham Advisors for the second Spring in a row. We were extremely thankful for the beautiful balloon backdrop donated by Purposefully Divine and the fun photo booth donated by KCL Pictures! Congratulations to our list of Spring Graduates:

  • Alexa Huerta-Vazquez graduated from UAH with a B.A. in Communication Arts and a Minor in Film Media Arts.

  • Yanjie Horton graduated Summa Cum Laude with a double Bachelors' of Science in Finance and Acquisitions Management from UAH.

  • McKenna Riopelle also graduated from UAH with a double Bachelors' of Science in Kinesiology (with a concentration in Exercise Science) and in Biology (with a minor in Chemistry).

  • Stacia Benford graduated from UAH with a Bachelor's in Information Systems.

  • Lasonya Spears graduated from UAH with a Bachelor's in Biological Sciences.

  • Ruth Misori graduated from Oakwood University with a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.

  • Kayla Hale graduated from Athens State University with a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education.

  • Pamela Bolden graduated from AAMU with a B.S. in Criminal Justice and a Minor in Psychology.

Enjoy a few of the evening's photos including the very fun photo booth pictures!

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