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Our Vision & Impact - WEDC Foundation

Since our start in 1998, the WEDC Foundation has supported over 190 women in the North Alabama. The mission has always been to assist our local women in achieving self-sufficiency and economic independence. In 2021, the WEDC Foundation Board of Directors updated the mission, vision, and beliefs of the Foundation to truly capture the dream we have for the women in our community and our hope for their children in the generations to come.

Filmed at the May 2021 Graduation Celebration at Burritt on the Mountain, in this video you will hear the impact and vision of the WEDC Foundation from our Scholars, Mentors, & Board.

We graciously thank DesignedByCarla Marketing Agency for all the work they put into making this impactful video!

As participants, volunteers, and supporters of the WEDC Foundation:

We stand together to support our scholars because we have overcome our own struggles. We believe in the importance and power of economic independence for women. We believe in women sharing resources to benefit the lives of other women and to positively impact the community. We believe that to thrive, we must accept and promote the power of encouragement, diversity, equity, and inclusion...because all women deserve a seat at the table.

The WEDC Foundation envisions a world where all women harness the power of education for the benefit of themselves and future generations.

Our Mission is to empower women in North Alabama to achieve their dreams of a better life for themselves and their families by investing in their pursuit of higher education through mentoring, financial assistance, and professional development.

We empower women one degree at a time!

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