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WEDC Foundation Receives Suffrage Check

WEDC Foundation Receives Suffrage Check

The WEDC Foundation is delighted to announce the reception of overage funds from the WEDC’s Suffrage Mural on Washington Street: This Girl Can. With our commitment to advancing education, these funds symbolize the ongoing partnership between the Women's Economic Development Council (WEDC) and the WEDC Foundation, united by the belief that “these girls can!”

WEDC Foundation Receives Suffrage Check

We recognize the power of education in shaping women’s futures and enabling them to succeed. By investing in education, we nurture individual growth and develop strong, empowered communities. The overage funds from the Suffrage Mural serve as a testament to this shared vision.

The WEDC’s unwavering support of the WEDC Foundation underscores the belief that gender should never hinder achieving your dreams. The mantra, “These Girls Can,” encompasses the spirit of empowering women and encapsulates the essence of individuals defying odds, breaking glass ceilings, and redefining societal norms. Our collaboration amplifies the resounding message that anyone can thrive with the proper support, opportunities, and education.

WEDC Foundation Receives Suffrage Check

With these funds, WEDC Foundation Scholars will benefit through access to professional development workshops. These workshops are avenues of skill acquisition and learning, along with spaces for inspiration, networking, and mentorship. They provide tools that our scholars can utilize while confidently navigating the complexities of their chosen career fields.

As we continue this empowerment journey, we invite you, our community, to get involved. Your participation and support can transform aspirations into realities for these aspiring and ambitious women. Every voice and contribution is pivotal in enabling our Scholars to become the architects of their success stories.

In celebration of this partnership with the WEDC Foundation receiving the suffrage check, it let us rally behind the truth that “These Girls Can” and, together, ensure they do! As the WEDC Foundation takes another stride toward a brighter future, we invite you to stand with us as we pave the way for a world where dreams know no bounds. To get involved, you can donate to the WEDC Foundation to support our Scholars or become a mentor for the WEDC Foundation’s Scholar Program.

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