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Empowering Women Through Innovative and Educational Programs

Empowering Women Through Innovative and Educational Programs
WEDC Foundation Board President, Diana King

As part of our mission to help women pursue higher education, the WEDC Foundation is dedicated to empowering women through innovative and educational programs. We recently held an Etiquette Workshop at the Westin in Huntsville, teaching essential business etiquette and fostering confidence among all the women in attendance.

Professional Presence

Diana King, the WEDC Foundation’s Board President, led this year's Etiquette Workshop. The workshop covered crucial topics such as networking and conversation, business-appropriate attire, and business dinner etiquette. While the world of business etiquette can feel confusing, our Etiquette Workshop served as a teaching experience to prepare these women to excel in their careers.

Connecting with Confidence

Kicking off our etiquette workshop was Symmetris Gohanna, who guided participants through an exercise to grow their networking skills. First impressions are essential and to exhibit this, Symmetris instructed everyone to meet three other women in the room, learn something unique about them, and then share. Creating conversation and connecting with others is a game-changer in business, and it helped show how to incorporate business cards in a networking event.

Dressing for Success

As part of Business Etiquette, the workshop took a deeper dive into business attire and the different levels of formality. Diana King explained that dressing appropriately for business events instills confidence and conveys credibility to those around you. Through tips, examples, and a walk-through with some outfits and clothing items that our Board President herself uses, workshop participants learned how to create a wardrobe of options that mirrors their ambitions.

Manners Matter

Business dinners can be intimidating to those new to them, but as discussed by Diana King, they are opportunities to build relationships and showcase professionalism. With her guidance, attendees navigated a multi-course meal while learning how to properly use utensils and other vital knowledge that can help set them apart in professional settings.

Empowerment through Education

The WEDC Foundation’s Etiquette Workshop was an empowering experience, equipping attendees with the tools they need to navigate the business world. With hands-on experience and guidance from professionals like Diana King and Symmetris Gohanna, our participants were empowered to grow and succeed.

The Etiquette Workshop left a lasting impact on everyone through learning, memories, and new connections made. With the leadership and engagement of the WEDC Foundation, the workshop showcased the power of education and networking in propelling women toward their goals. As the WEDC Foundation continues to be a beacon of empowerment, the event serves as a reminder that these women can attain their aspirations.

Please donate to the WEDC Foundation to help us empower women through education or volunteer and become a WEDC Foundation Mentor to share your knowledge and experience!

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