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Crafting a Life of Greater Well-Being

Crafting a Life of Greater Well-Being

In the spirit of fostering personal growth, development, and well-being, we are thrilled to share the highlights of our Self-Care Workshop held at Calhoun Community College in October. This transformative event, guided by personal and professional well-being expert Paulette Risher, resonated with the essence of crafting a life of greater well-being.

Our esteemed Education degree Scholars radiated excitement as they were financially supported by the local Delta Chapter of Alpha Delta Kappa, whose generous grants added a touch of magic to the occasion, recognizing and encouraging the dedication of our scholars with aspirations in the education field.

Crafting a Life of Greater Well-Being

Through thought-provoking exercises, Paulette Risher guided participants on a self-care journey, teaching them to focus on nurturing their minds, bodies, and souls. The workshop served as a compass, empowering attendees to navigate life's challenges with resilience and a renewed sense of purpose.

Our scholars were surprised with 'midterm survival' gifts, a gesture made possible by the kindness of Valley United Methodist Church. These thoughtful tokens provided a moment of respite for our Scholars during the demanding midterm season and emphasized the unwavering support our community extends to women on their educational journeys.

The synergy of education, self-care, and community support was palpable, creating an environment where individuals flourished holistically. Reflecting on this day reinforces our commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who excel academically and radiate emotional resilience.

Crafting a Life of Greater Well-Being

The WEDC Foundation's Self-Care Workshop was a testament to the belief that well-being and education go hand in hand. Crafting lives of greater well-being is not just a slogan but a lived reality, thanks to the collective efforts of our foundation, the passionate scholars, and the generous community around us.

Stay tuned for more stories of inspiration and empowerment as we continue uplifting these women in their pursuit of higher education.

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